CBSMaster Server Migrations

CBSMaster Server Migrations Scheduled.   Start Date: 22/12/2021 18:00 Hrs. [IST]   End Date: 23/12/2021 06:00 Hrs [IST]   During this Migration Period Following services will not available via our client area.   New VM Deploy VPS Terminations OS Reinstallation Suspension/Unsuspension of VMs Upgrade/Downgrade of VMs Configuration ... Read More »

24th Nov 2021
Some Server Inaccessible due to Datacenter Firewall Issue.

Dear Customer/Resellers,  The Datacenter in EU-West is having some emergency maintenance as some of our servers got blocked in firewall and unable to ping from outside. 10 servers out of our 33 servers in EU-West datacenter was having issues.    The problem started at 16:53 IST.  Following are the server names and the rectification ... Read More »

19th Nov 2021
Our Website/Client Area Maintenance Scheduled

Our Website/Client Area Maintenance Scheduled


Start Time: 06/11/2021 12:30 PM [IST]

End Time: 06/11/2021 18:00 PM [IST]


Expected Down Time: 10 to 20 Minutes.



5th Nov 2021
Knode1 Maintenance Scheduled

Knode1 Maintenance Scheduled


Start Date: 28/10/2021 20:00 Hrs[IST]


End Time: 29/10/2021 03:00 Hrs[IST]


Expected Down Time: 20 to 30 Minutes.


28th Oct 2021
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