Windows1 Server Restart Scheduled


Updation Completed.

Windows1 Server Restart Scheduled for OS Patch Updations and Plesk updation

Start Tme: 22/04/2017 : 17:25


22nd Apr 2017
Cpanel Updation

CPanel Updation scheduled on Linux 8.

Start Time: 12/04/2017 10:00 AM[IST]

Some websites will not work properly during updation Period. 


12/04/2017 11:29 AM

Updation Completed and all the services are up

11th Apr 2017
30 minute maintenance period scheduled

We will be performing maintenance to the Skrill system on Wednesday 19 April 2017 between 02:30 UTC and 03:00 UTC. During this time, customers may experience intermittent disruptions when accessing Skrill and its services. These services include logging in to the Skrill website and processing transactions via our API. Due to the nature of the ... Devamını Oku »

10th Apr 2017
Windows1, Win2 and Win4 Server Restarted

Windows1, Win2 and Win4 Server Restarted for OS Update

8th Apr 2017
Windows1 Server Restart Scheduled

Windows1 Server Restart Scheduled for OS Updations

07/04/2017 14:00 AM[IST]

Expected Down Time: 20 Minutes

5th Apr 2017
Network Down on OVH Data Center

We are facing some unknown network issues on our ovh data center. our technicians are looking on this case.
04/04/2017 19:00

Network Error Fixed. All Servers and VPS are up

4th Apr 2017