DirectAdmin1 Reboot Scheduled.

DirectAdmin1 Reboot Scheduled


Start Time: 22/03/2021 20:00

End Time: 22/03/2021 21:00


Expected Down Time: 05 to 10 Minutes.

22nd Mar 2021
Updates of Server Restoration [OVH SBG]

25/03/2021 06:00   All Server Migration Completed. =========================================================================== 17/03/2021 12:30 172 Server Migrations completed. 70% Migrations Completed. =========================================================================== 16/03/2021 10:30 [IST] 60% Server Migrations ... Read More »

12th Mar 2021
Confirmed Data Loss in OVH SBG

We've confirmed a total loss of the affected EU servers during the OVH data centre fire.

We're now exploring replacing the affected servers with the available remote backups

11th Mar 2021
Our 200+ Servers/Node Servers Down

200+ our EU servers remain offline due to a fire at OVH Datacenter in the early hours of this morning. Unfortunately, the fire destroyed SBG-2 building. We're expecting a large amount of data loss across the affected servers. We are cross checking the availability of Backups.

10th Mar 2021
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