Data Centers

Data Center

All Hostmaabar servers are hosted in one of the world's most modern data centers in St. Louis/New Jersy/Los Angels which is situated in the middle of the United States, or alternatively in Frankfurt/Germany, right in the center of Europe. Both locations provide high speed connectivity to all parts of the world. We can boast of enormous growth potential allowing us up to 55,000 sq ft of pure datacenter floor space. Everything has been carefully planned and developed in conformity with all requirements regarding cooling, generators, UPS's, secondary generators, fire suppression, and much, much more. Our datacenter is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year by an overlapping array of CCTV cameras, and datacenter entry is secured by both biometric and card key access.

The Datotel data center in St. Louis is laid out completely redundant, all functions are monitored continuously, and numerous security systems protect the servers from being accessed by unauthorized persons. The data center in Frankfurt fulfils even the highest security standards of major European banks. All Hostmaabar servers stand in a highly secure environment and are protected from dust, humidity, fire and water. Special door systems, video surveillance and particular security services provide an effective, complete anti-burglary protection at all times.

Air Conditioning

The climatization of the Hostmaabar data centers follows the principle of N+1 redundancy on full load. All climate modules have a standby compressor and are fed in turns over a redundant climate circuit (a and b). Each circuit consists of a running and a standby pump. Only about 75% of the available cooling capacity is needed to run the data centers at full load.


The permanent power supply is secured by a sophisticated redundancy concept of multiple power suppliers with several uncrossed conductors. If there is a power outage in spite of this, a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) guarantees that all important components are supplied with power until the emergency power generators take over. For stability reasons, multiple emergency power generators have been installed


The Hostmaabar data centers are protected 24/7 by security services. Video surveillance of the external facilities, entrance areas and the internal facilities ensures that no unauthorized persons can enter the technical service area. Specific Admission Control

Photo ID systems, biometric palm scanners, and card systems on all inner doors allow only authorized persons to enter the data centers. The entrance gate with safety glass and steel walls in the entrance and exit area complete the data centers' integrated security concept.

Fire Protection

Two-stage detection systems as well as three-stage fire protection ensure operation even in case of a fire. Early-detection systems for smoke and the automatic peripheral sprinkler systems (Marioff Hi-Fog-System) provide timely protection for the critical systems in the data centers and Hostmaabar hardware against fire damage.

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